Our Origin

It is imperative that we remind ourselves of where we come from and what our values are. With this, we can pave our path into the future as lovers of wood and connoisseurs of chic, high-quality flooring options. Upholding the highest standards of product quality, design, and individuality are our daily goals.

Learn more about our wide selection of Engineered Hardwood Floors in European Oak, Maple and Walnut species. Our finishes include multiple layers of UV lacquer or oil to provide added protection, leveling and a chic look.

High Quality & Creativity

Villagio Wood Floors is a proud producer of strong, resilient flooring that is designed to withstand years of use while maintaining its unique design. Our floors are made from bio materials in an eco-friendly production process.


Bold and Budget Friendly Cultivated with style and budget in mind, we designed this collection to give you the highest...
A collection with bold tones that will give great impressions to any household. The surface of the Andrea Collection brings...
Casa Bianca
Clean and Modern This collection offers a balanced and new look a lot of houses are aiming for post 2000’s....
Classic Creations Collina gives you a classic wood flooring feel that's always in style. For years, hardwood flooring has proven...
Exotic Luxury If you are looking for your home to stand out with a different look but still hold elegance...
Del Mare
Wonderfully Wide Plank Our Del Mare collection will capture the attention of the guests visiting your home, with a wide...
La Spezia
Alluring Artistry Showcase your artistic side with this flooring collection. La Spezia is perfect for artists that want to show...
Magnificent Maple This collection focuses solely on Maple wood floors that look great in every setting. Maple wood ages well...
Rustic Charm With its Rustic Charm this collection will highly compliment any countryside home or farmhouse. Our Venetto collection derives...
Innovative Oak An Oak collection with a variety of tones that will compliment any household. Our vision in this collection...

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Manufacturing & Distribution of engineered hardwood is our passion & specialty ~ From traditional colors to innovative design, each project is unique.

Vinyl Flooring

Our Luxury vinyl plank floors are designed to have the most realistic hardwood grain patterns. They are all 100% waterproof which is crucial for some households, especially in cold-wet weather. Some other notable benefits Vinyl flooring provides are low maintenance, simple installation, and industrial-strength durability.

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