What We Do

Villagio Wood Floor products are timeless because of our commitment to excellence – from customer service to sustainable manufacturing. To construct these incredibly durable multi-ply floors, layers of common wood like eucalyptus, birch and poplar are pressed together using a low VOC adhesive. This “backing” is topped with a veneer layer of solid European oak, hard maple, or American walnut, creating the canvas on which our floors are born. The benefits of multi-ply flooring include the ability to install below grade or over radiant heat, and less resistance when encountering moisture or humidity. A pre-finished engineered floor can display a wide range of colors and textures that are not available in solid hardwood flooring.

Luxury Meets

Villagio Wood Floors are created with the utmost care and craftsmanship. Displaying a wide variety of specialty treatments including smoked, fumed and reactive stains, all of our floors are designed to make an impression. While providing you with the newest and most exotic aesthetics available is our #1 goal, safeguarding your investment is always of paramount importance. That’s why we use the highest quality oils and lacquers on our products – to guarantee that your brand new engineered floors receive unparalleled protection for years to come.


We work with the best engineers and factories available to ensure that our floors remain beautiful – without compromising on safety or sustainability. Utilizing the newest tools and techniques, our expert craftsmen are able to engineer ageless beauty from trees sourced out of earth’s most exotic regions.