The Aesthetic Potential of Hardwood Floors: A Guide by Villagio Wood Floors


Home decor can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary, and one of the pillars of exquisite design lies beneath our feet: flooring. The right flooring provides durability but also acts as a canvas, elevating a room’s overall look and feel. Nothing does this better than hardwood.

Why does hardwood captivate us? It is more than just aesthetics. A timeless classic, generations have cherished hardwood flooring due to its versatility, natural elegance, and durability. By design, the cellular structure of wood diffuses light, producing a soft glow, unlike tiles or laminates that reflect it.

As the hardwood ages its colors deepen, developing a rich patina almost like an evolving art piece. Its varied grain patterns are nature’s design; no two planks are identical. Additionally, its rich texture can be the grounding element that complements other decor elements, whether you are aiming for a rustic farmhouse aesthetic or a sleek modern look.

Cost-wise, hardwood flooring is a financially sound choice. Properly maintained hardwood floors can last a lifetime, saving homeowners the costs of frequent replacements. They add substantial value to homes, making them a worthwhile investment. There is also the indoor air quality. Hardwood floors can improve indoor air quality, unlike carpets that trap allergens. They do not harbor pollen, pet dander, or mold, making the living environment healthier.

When it comes to renovations, one of the magic elements of hardwood flooring is its potential for transformation. Tired of the existing shade? Hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished several times, offering a fresh look without a complete replacement.

Hardwood flooring perfectly answers the call for sustainable style, too. In today’s eco-conscious age, luxury is about more than appearance; it is about sustainability. Villagio Wood Floors embodies this by championing eco-friendly processes. Crafted from biomaterials through a sustainable production process, their floors are a testament to the fact that style does not have to come at the planet’s expense.

While hardwood is undeniably the star, even stars have supporting actors. As hardwood flooring experts featured in several television shows, including Celebrity IOU and The Great Give Back on HGTV, the Villagio Wood Floors team has several tips on how to make hardwood shine:

  1. Wall colors and hardwood hues – The wall color can either subdue or amplify the beauty of your floor. Contrast is key. For deep-toned hardwoods, use cooler wall tones to create a harmonious balance. With lighter woods, a warm palette that compliments their innate glow.
  2. Furniture dynamics – The juxtaposition of textures and styles accentuates the floor’s character. In short, celebrate contrast—for example, sleek, modern furniture atop rustic oak or rich leather couches against polished maple.
  3. Rug integration – While bare hardwood is beautiful, strategic rug placements within a room can define spaces and add warmth. Choose rugs that contrast color and texture with your hardwood for a vibrant interplay.
  4. Lighting – The interplay of light with hardwood can evoke emotions. Soft, ambient lighting can highlight the wood’s undulating patterns and rich tones, whether from pendant lights or strategically placed floor lamps./
  5. Maintenance – Use cleaners specifically designed for hardwood. Avoid excessive water, and always clean spills immediately. Regular dusting keeps the shine alive, and periodic resealing ensures longevity.

The Original Article in LA Weekly November 10, 2023

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